Terms of Use


We require everyone to register before using the system to prevent abuse of the system and to protect you. Certain information (marked with an asterisk) must be provided.

We need to prevent people pretending to be someone else, so we verify your e-mail as part of the registration process. We will also need to contact you, for example to send you a formal response to your representation. It is important that the contact information you give is correct and complete.

The account you create is password protected and provided you keep that a secret, details can only be changed by yourself or by the Consultation Managers.

Publicly viewable information includes your name and organisation (where applicable), as well as any representations or comments you have made in a public session.


If you are acting for a third party in an agreed, formal capacity (for example as a Developer's Agent or Clerk to a Parish Council) then you can also create an account for them and identify yourself as their agent using this system. You can act as an agent for several organisations.

Reporting Abuse

Most content entered on this site is publicly viewable, and may be seen by minors. If you see content over which you are concerned, please contact us on 01502 523029.

We will take reasonable steps to prevent illegal, offensive, abusive or commercially promotional material appearing on this system.
This includes screening of posts prior to release into the public environment, which may result in some delay between a representation being made and it being available for others to view.

We reserve the right to withdraw any posts from public view without notice, though all posts will be retained.

Data Protection

Waveney District Council will use the data for purposes relevant to the preparation of the Local Plan under The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 and for no other purposes